Editing Your Site

  • Adding and Removing a Page

    Pages are a great way to keep your content and message organized. You'll most likely need to add and remove pages frequently to keep your site fresh and your content up to date. Adding a Page Step 1 - Click the Add A P...

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  • Changing a Page Name

    If you ever need to change the name of you page as you update your site, you can do this in a few easy steps. Step 1 - Click the page you'd like to change Step 2 - Click the Change This Page's Name button ...

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  • Changing the Page Order

    You can easily rearrange the order of pages on your site and how they appear in the navigation. Step 1 - Click the Change Page Order button Step 2 - Drag the page name to the new location in your menu Step 3 - Cl...

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  • Changing Colors

    You can change or edit the colors in any site design. With Clover Sites, all designs have the option to choose main and accent colors that effect different aspects of your site. This allows you to completely change the look a...

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  • Changing the Page Layout

    All of our site designs come with several page layouts to choose from. And, each site design has multiple layouts with text and photo areas in different locations and various sizes. Step 1 - Click the Change This Page's Lay...

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  • Password Protect a Page

    Each Clover website comes with the option to password protect any individual page, or even the whole site. This can be useful for sharing resources with members and prevents your content from being searched on Google. St...

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  • Adding a Link

    You can link text and photos to other pages in your site, external web pages and email addresses. Linking from Text Step 1 - Select a piece of text and click the Add A Link button Step 2 - Link to a website,...

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  • Adding and Removing Documents

    There are two ways to add a document to your website. You can create a link to your document from a text area or from a photo area. Linking from Text Step 1 - Select a piece of text and click the Add A Document butt...

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  • Revert and Publish Buttons

    The Revert and Publish buttons give you the ability to Publish content to your live site as well as delete content within the Greenhouse. These buttons are located in the top right corner of the Greenhouse. The Revert B...

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