Embedding Video from Other Websites
For some people who are new to the web, the concept of "embedding" videos into your website is a fairly new one. You've been on YouTube and blogs, and you know you can put the video on your site but you're not exactly sure how. We're out to make this whole process super easy.

We support 99% of the video services out there (we're reserving the 1% for the services we haven't found out about yet!), but we recommend a select few:


As far as free services go, this is your best bet. Their video quality is really high, and their site is nice and easy to use. All of our artsy production friends love it.


In the last few years, YouTube has become the standard site to host videos on. The quality isn't as good as Vimeo, and depending on your industry, it might not look professional to embed YouTube. For most uses, however, YouTube is probably fine.

Finding the Embed Code

We know it's not always obvious where to find this code, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Here's a quick tutorial on where to go for the services listed above. If you're using a different one and can't figure out where to find the code, give us a call and we'll help you out.


Step 1 - Go to vimeo.com and find the video you want to embed
Step 2 - Click on the Share button on the video player

Step 3 - Copy the embed code

You can click + Show Options to customize the link

Step 4 - To Add a Video, paste the embed code


Step 1 - Go to youtube.com and find the video you want to embed

Step 2 - Click the Share button below the video

Step 3 - Copy the code from the embed section

You can click Show More to customize the link

Step 4 - To Add a Video, paste the embed code

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