Site Statistics

Now that your site is live, you'll start getting traffic from your viewers. With Statistics, you'll see clear, digestible info on how many times your site has been visited in the last 3 months, as well as seeing which media items are most popular.

Site Statistics

Your site's traffic provides basic information about the amount your site is being viewed. 
You can access this information from your Dashboard. Once here, you'll see the site traffic chart where you can hover your mouse over different areas to see different information.
Here's the information you'll see:

  • View the past 3 months of traffic

  • View highest and lowest days of traffic for the past 3 months

  • See the top 5 days of traffic in the past 30 days

  • See the top 5 days of traffic in the past 7 days

  • See an hourly breakdown of today's visits

Your site will have to be live to be able to see these statistics.

Media Statistics

It's really easy to see which messages are most popular and the number of times each media file has been played. From the Dashboard you can click on the View More Stats button to view more information:

  • View how many “plays” you’ve received in the past 3 months

  • View highest and lowest amount of plays for the past 3 months

  • See the top 5 played media items for the past 30 days

  • See the top 5 played media items for the past 7 days

  • See an hourly breakdown of media items played today

Reading Your Site's Traffic

  • Out of all the different possible information to track, we track visits.
  • Your statistics are shown based on the timezone of the computer that you are currently using to view the Dashboard. This is normally ideal, but it could give you slightly different numbers if, for example, your visitors are based in Australia and you happen to be in America when you look at your Dashboard.
  • Every single view of your website is counted in these numbers. We combine all the visits you receive from your Flash and HTML/mobile site to give you the most accurate numbers for visits to your site.

Reading Media Player Traffic

A play does not require the visitor to watch or listen to the entire item. As soon as a media item is started, it's counted as a play. Also, when an item is downloaded from your podcast in iTunes, it's counted as a play.

Your online Media Player as well as podcasting is combined in your over-all plays number. We've combined them to give you the most accurate measure of your media's exposure, no matter where your visitors are watching it.

Statistic Definitions

Before we begin addressing any questions you might have about your site's stats, we thought the best place to start was with some definitions. A lot of terms are thrown around and misused, but when you understand them, it really helps you translate the numbers into meaningful information.

Your Site's Traffic

These are the stats available in every Clover Site's dashboard. After signing in to your Greenhouse Dashboard, you can see Your Site's Traffic. This feature allows you to see the number of times people have visited your website in the last three months.

Google Analytics

A free service offered by Google that provides super in-depth information about your site's traffic. This service integrates with all Clover Sites, and is perfect for those looking for detailed information about your site's visitors. It's completely separate from your site's statistics.
Learn more about Google Analytics.


As a statistic, a visitor is counted one time for each real person that views a website. So when someone first gets to a website, that counts as one visitor. Even if that person views 10 pages, it still just counts as one visitor.


A visit is one of the most valuable pieces of information when it comes to determining the reach of your website. A visit is counted each time a person comes to a site. The key to understanding visits is differentiating it from visitors. For example, if a person views a website every day, it counts as multiple visits, but only one visitor. This is usually the most relevant statistic, because it's a straightforward measure of how often people are viewing your website.

Page view

A page view is counted every time someone views a page. When a visitor comes to a website, it's counted as one page view; and then when they go to other pages on your site, that's two more.


A play is counted every time a person begins watching or listening to a media item in your Media Player, or when an item is downloaded from your podcast in iTunes. If you have a site where media is important, plays are a very valuable piece of information, because they show how engaged your audience is with your content.


Traffic is a generic term that can potentially refer to any of the above statistics. For example, if someone asked you what kind of traffic your website is getting, it would make sense to say that it gets 35 visits a day, or you could say that you have 400 media plays per month. Anything that relates to people viewing the content on your site is considered traffic.

Statistics FAQ’s

Will Google Analytics show exactly the same number of visits as Clover's statistics?

When we designed our statistics tool, we closely mirrored some of the tactics that Google uses to gather stats. But because there are so many factors involved, the numbers we report may be slightly different from the ones in Google Analytics. There are three main reasons for this:

  • We track visits on your temporary site (on and Google doesn't.
  • If you have multiple web addresses, we track visits on all of them, but Google only tracks one.
  • We filter out phantom visits from search engines a little bit differently from the way Google does.

I have multiple domains (website addresses) that all point to the same site. How does that work with stats?

Clover's stats combine visits from all the web addresses you have. Google Analytics will only be able to track one of your web addresses.

I just purchased a website, and I haven't launched yet. Are statistics being tracked?

Our stats start the moment you get your site (even before it's launched). However, you won't be able to view them until you've gone through the launch process on your dashboard. If you have any questions about launching your website, check out our Going Live articles.

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