Podcast Settings

Changing the Podcast Title​

Step 1 - Click the Edit Media Player button, then click on the Podcast Settings button

Step 2 - Click the Edit Your Podcast Settings button

Step 3 - Edit the Podcast Title box

Step 4 - Click the Save Changes button

Step 5 - Click the Finished button in the Podcast Settings window then click Finished again

Step 6 - Click Publish

Allow iTunes around 24-48 hours to update from their end.

Updating Podcast Domain Name in the Feed

If you change the domain name that's associated with your organization, you'll also want to update the domain name within your podcast to make sure everything is linked properly. Give us a call 805-527-8900 or send us an email support@cloversites.com, and we'll be more than happy to update it for you. 
Once we make this change, it should update instantly in your podcast.

We'll need this information:
  • Your domain name
  • Your current Clover podcast feed which can be found by going to Edit Media Player, Podcast Settings, and then Edit Your iTunes Settings. The feed will be located in Step 3.
  • The new domain name you would like it updated to

Finding Your Podcast Link in the iTunes Store

Step 1 - Open the iTunes program on your computer and select iTunes Store

Step 2 - Search for your podcast within the search bar

Step 3 - Under Podcasts, click on your podcast

Step 4 - Right click on the podcast artwork and select Copy Link

Now you can create a link on your site that will point directly to your podcast within the iTunes Store.

Removing a Podcast From The iTunes Store

To remove your podcast from the iTunes store you will have to email podcasts@apple.com requesting for the podcast to be removed. It's best to email from the account associated with the podcast within the iTunes Store.

Redirecting From a Clover Podcast to a New Podcast Outside of Clover

If you'd like to redirect your Clover podcast to a new podcast hosted elsewhere, we're more than happy to set that up for you.

We'll need this information:
  • Your organization’s domain
  • Your current Clover Podcast feed which can be found by going to Edit Media Player, Podcast Settings, and then Edit Your iTunes Settings. The feed will be located in Step 3.
  • Your new podcast feed

Once we have this information, we'll place a redirect on your Clover podcast to point all subscribers as well as iTunes to your new podcast.

Keep in Mind:

  • The redirect does not carry over files. You will want to upload all files to your new podcast that you would like to be available to your subscribers.
  • It can take up to a week for iTunes to look at the Clover feed and then redirect to the new feed, but then after that iTunes should automatically go directly to your new feed.
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