Podcast Troubleshooting

Changing Limit of Podcast Items in iTunes

Naturally your podcast will submit the most recent 30 items within your Media Player to iTunes. This limit was added to help protect your bandwidth, however it can be changed! Give us a call (805-527-8900) or email us and we'll be happy to remove the limit for you.

Removing a Podcast From the iTunes Store

To remove your podcast from the iTunes store you will have to visit support.itunespodcasts.com and submit a request to remove the podcast. 

Podcast Not Appearing in the iTunes Store

If your podcast has not appeared within the iTunes Store after 1 week of submitting your feed, you'll have to open a ticket through support.itunespodcasts.com asking why your podcast was not approved for the store. It's usually best to provide the email associated with the podcast within the iTunes Store and include your Clover Podcast feed so they can reference your account.

Podcast Not Updating With iTunes

If your podcast is not updating within iTunes, there are a few reasons that may be causing this:
  • The podcast can only pull from files uploaded directly to Clover. If your file is embedded from another site, the podcast will not be able to retrieve the embedded content.
  • The podcast will only update once Publish has been pressed.
  • Since the podcast inherently shows the 30 most recent podcasts, you will want to make sure that you have entered the date correctly and numerically (10/30/15).
  • Allow This Video To Be Podcasted must be checked for that item within your Media Player.

Podcast Artwork Not Appearing in Podcast

When we created the podcast feature we wanted to make sure to that you had the flexibility to set up a podcast to its full potential. In making our features easy to set up and functional, we learned that we couldn't control every aspect of the process. One thing that we cannot manage on our end is that there is an innate limitation with the podcast artwork within iTunes. In the iTunes store, your artwork will show up, but it won't download with the podcast file itself. We wish this were easier to change, but we've accepted that it isn't.
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