Form Page
The Form page gives you the ability to collect information through your Clover Site. We’ve created an easy way for you to create a Form your viewers can fill out with information you want, and have it emailed directly to whomever you choose. You can either design a form from scratch in the Greenhouse, or start with preset forms such as a contact form, registration form, or mailing list sign up. 

Before you begin editing your form, you will first need to add a form page or navigation to a form page you have created already. To add a form page, you can follow these steps.

Editing Your Form

To begin creating your form page click the Edit Form button.

You can choose to either start with one of the preset form options or create your form from scratch. Then you can edit, add, or delete items on your form. The box on the left is the form itself. The box on the right is a toolbox of items that you can add to your form.

To add a new item, drag it from the toolbox and drop it on your form. Once it's there, you can give it a title, edit its options, and give it actual content for your viewers to fill out.

In addition to simple text boxes, there are several other types of form items that you can add. Multiple Choice, Check Box and Radio Button all provide a set of options that your viewers can choose from (rather than a box where they can type anything). You can click on any piece of your form to edit it, or on the gear to the right of the item for more settings.

To delete any item, click on the X to the right of the item and confirm that you’d like to delete it. You can always Clear Form and Start Over, but keep in mind that you can’t go back once the form has been cleared. Click the Finished button to save your changes.

Click the View Form button to see your form exactly as your viewers will.

Keep In Mind:

  • Do not use this form feature to collect information such as credit card info, social security numbers or any other personal information involving funds. We did not create this feature to handle this level of confidential information. 

Form Page Settings

While editing your form, click the Form Settings button for more customization options.

Here you can change the Accent Color, Color Theme, and width of your form. You can also edit the wording for the Launch Button to fit your purpose, from “Contact Us” to ‘Sign Up Here!” You can also update the success message for your Form and the email(s) the forms are sent to. 

It can also be helpful to Activate Reporting. This saves all of the form submissions into a spreadsheet that can be downloaded for future reference. You can password protect the reports after you activate reporting. Click the Finished button to save your changes. 

Keep In Mind:

  • A page created as a Form page will always have the Launch Form button on it (although you can change the wording of the button from your Form Settings). A page always remains as the type of page it was created as.
  • Do not use this form to collect secure or confidential information, such as credit card information or social security information.
  • You won’t see the Launch Form button from your Greenhouse, but it'll show up on your live site once you click Publish.
  • The Launch Form button will automatically show up below any text on your page. To move the location of the launch button type the word button with parentheses, i.e. (button) anywhere within the text box and the button will move to that location. 
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