Photo Page
If you have photo albums that you’d like to display on your website, the Photo page was made for you. You can add captions to each picture, view as a slideshow, and play it all in fullscreen. Plus, it allows for huge photo sizes to showcase great quality pictures.

For detailed instructions on adding a page follow our Adding and Removing a Page article.

Editing Your Photo Page 

To begin adding photos click the Edit Photo Page button.

To add a photo album click the Add a Photo Album button and type in the name of your album.

To add a photo to your album click the Add Photos button.

Once a photo has been uploaded, you can add a caption to it and decide if you’d like to allow the photo to be downloaded or not.
You can change the default to be downloadable or not from your Dashboard.

If you’d like to delete a photo, click on the X at the top right of the photo in the bar along the bottom of your screen. You can also drag the photos into whichever order you’d like along the bottom for that photo album. Be sure to click the Finished button to save your changes.

Click the View Photo Page button at the bottom of your screen to see your photo gallery exactly as your viewers will.

Keep in Mind

  • You can add as many photo albums as you’d like by clicking on the the Add a Photo Album button again and again. 

Photo Page Settings

While editing your photo page, click the Photo Page Settings button for customization options.

Here you can change the Color Theme and Accent Color of your photo gallery, update the Launch Button text, and set Slideshow transitions and timing. 

Keep In Mind:

  • A page created as a Photo page will always have the Launch Photo Gallery button on it (although you can change the wording of the button from your Photo Page Settings). A page always remains as the type of page it was created as.
  • Photos added to an album on your photo page won’t be available in the rest of your Greenhouse. You’ll need to upload them to your Greenhouse Photo Album to have the pictures elsewhere on your site.
  • You won’t see the Launch Photo Gallery button from your Greenhouse, but it'll show up on your live site once you click Publish.
  • The Launch Photo Gallery button will automatically show up below any text on your page. To move the location of the launch button type the word button with parentheses, i.e. (button) anywhere within the text box and the button will move to that location. 
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